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Hello Colombiamoda 2018

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It is such a joy for us to tell you guys that we are getting our first and very own runway! How exciting! And nothing less than at the biggest fashion event in the country COLOMBIAMODA. Three days for the fashion enthusiasts and experts where the latest tendencies on casual and formal style, accessories and summer fashion will be displayed for our enjoyment.

And we are present. A plus size brand filled with life, color and passion, showing our 2019 collection: R A Í C E S

Raíces means roots, and you will love it. Among other things, it was inspired by the sunsets that we so much love, hence all the pink, purple, orange, brown and black you will find in our pieces.

For the first time, we will bring to you a summer clothing line, with purses. They are all truly unique, handmade by craftswomen who day by day work under the sun god Ra and gift us their most precious works of art which beautify women.

We will tell you later how it goes down at the runway and, of course, we will show you pictures of what we already know will be an unforgettable day to all of us.

Read you later!

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