Welcome to the Shape Revolution!

At Kinira, there is no such thing as perfection,
just be yourself!

Yes, you. You who laughs, who cries, who has an amazing personality; a woman with good taste and a love of fashion.
Such a woman deserves a brand that makes her feel empowered. A brand that not only fills you with strength and confidence, but lets you express yourself in your own, individual and unique style.

Our mission is to continuously offer the latest trends, working to transform them into comfortable, fashionable, high quality swimwear and other garments. A brand dedicated to women, real women, of all shapes and sizes.

We strive to promote good times, laughter, and above all, self-love. Our goal is, through fashion, to spread our message of love around the world: we are all real and worthy, no matter our weight, height, age, or disability.

Here is the place to find your style; whether charming, sexy, class, cute, or fun, we know you are going to love KINIRA!
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